The 2018 Winter Olympic Games are right around the corner, and hockey fans are just as excited as everyone else to see the 2018 jerseys. Nike revealed the three jerseys for each country on November 11th. The jerseys for each country will be used by the men’s and women’s teams, as well as the Paralympic Sled teams.

The Teams and Their Jerseys

The men’s tournament will include 12 teams in three groups:

  1. Group A: Canada, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and South Korea
  2. Group B: Russia, the United States, Slovakia and Slovenia
  3. Group C: Sweden, Finland, Norway and Germany

The women’s tournament will include eight teams in two groups:

  1. Group A: Canada, the United States, Finland and Russia
  2. Group B: Sweden, Switzerland, Japan and South Korea

Eight of the jerseys are solid colors with an ice-burst design on the sleeves, except for Sweden’s, which has two stripes on each forearm. The remaining five have one of the country’s colors across the yoke and shoulder, giving them more of a hockey jersey look. None of the jerseys have the iconic lace-up ties at the neckline that fans are used to seeing. Here’s a look at each country’s design:

  • Canada: Red, white and black with a maple leaf
  • Czech Republic: Red, white and blue with the Czech crest
  • Finland: Blue and white with the country’s gold lion emblem
  • Germany: Gold, black and red with a small crest on the chest and “Germany” on the front
  • Japan: Women only, these jerseys are red, white and black with the flag on the chest and “Japan” across the front.
  • Norway: Red, white and blue with “Norge” descending across the front
  • Russia: Red and white with a golden double-headed eagle
  • Slovakia: Red, white and blue with “Slovensko” and the emblem on the chest
  • Slovenia: Blue, white and green, with three white stars and “Slovenia” on the front
  • South Korea: Blue and white with “Korea” on the front
  • Sweden: Gold and blue with three crowns
  • Switzerland: Red and white with the shield and cross
  • United States: Red, white and blue with “USA” across the chest

Do the Jersey Designs Win or Fail?

Hockey jerseys are usually clearly identifiable by design, but some argue that the 2018 versions are less than desirable. Pete Blackburn, among others, isn’t happy with the approach taken by Nike. Blackburn’s complaints about the “bizarre, scale-y sleeve designs, no striping, nothing at the waist or collar, and similar modern fonts” top the list of flaws in the designs.

Do you agree? What really makes a jersey a “hockey” jersey? Plenty of room for comments below!

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