Female goalies are just as skilled as their male counterparts. In fact, this year has seen some amazing saves by women goalies across several leagues. This includes the amateurs and high-school clubs, along with junior and national teams. Let’s take a look at some of the top saves in 2017 by these amazing females!

111 Saves in a Game – Are You Kidding Me?

While we are covering saves from this year, we had to include Taylor DeForrest of the Apple Valley Eagles. This amazing goaltender stopped 112 out of 115 shots early in 2016! Taylor and the Eagles were taking on the East Ridge Raptors in the girls high-school hockey section playoffs.

The game lasted 122 minutes and needed six OT periods to finish. While the Eagles did lose 3-2, take a look at some of these amazing saves by DeForrest.

Shea Tiley – 41 Saves

The amazing Shea Tiley stopped 41 shots on net back on March 19 of this year. This was during the Wisconsin Badgers versus Clarkson Golden Knights match for the championship. While the Knights lost to Wisconsin twice in the regular season, they would go on to win the NC Women’s Ice Hockey Championship that night. This was courtesy of Tiley – who truly had some awesome saves during the match! Check the video out.

America’s Number One Female Hockey Goalie

We can’t have a top saves list without mentioning Nicole Hensley. In fact, Nicole is considered the best female goalie in America – if not the world. This multi-talented player is the starting goalie for the Women’s National Ice Hockey Team. Nicole used her amazing defensive skills to help Team USA defeat Canada twice this year. Known for her swift moves and superb blocking, let’s take a look at some of the top saves made by Hensley in 2017.

Shannon Szabados – The Canadian Sensation

Shannon Szabados is one of the best female ice-hockey goaltenders in North America. As a member of the Canadian Women’s National Ice Hockey Team, she currently plays for the Saskatchewan Chiefs of the ACHW- CHHL. Shannon also became the first female to record a shutout in a men’s professional hockey league. This happened back in 2015 with the Cottonmouths defeating the Huntsville Havoc 3-0. Shannon also had an amazing 33 saves that game, and is known for her impressive skills and fiery work-rate. Let’s take a look at some of her saves and career highlights.

These are some of the top saves made by female goalies this year. We will continue to highlight the skills and achievements of female goalies in the weeks and months ahead!

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