2017 has been a banner year for ice hockey. From the NHL to the minor and junior leagues, we have covered a lot of games and player statistics. In fact, our Monday Meetups and Tuesday Trickshot sections are some of the favorites here at My Hockey Nation. And, although this year is rapidly coming to a close, we expect 2018 to be another great year for ice hockey and its countless fans. With this mind, let’s take a look at some of the best goals scored this year by girls and women.

The U.S. Defeats Germany

At the Women’s World Championships back in April, the U.S. crushed German hopes of advancing into the finals. In fact, the Americans pummeled the Germans 11-0, a new record on the books. Among the top scorers were Kendall Coyne and Alex Carpenter. View some of the top goals scored by NCAA Superstar Kendall Coyne this year here.

USA Versus Canada

We go back to the Women’s World Championships for two amazing goals by Brianna Decker and Gigi Marvin. In both scenarios, the Canadian defense failed to stop the American advance. Decker and Gigi also played pivotal roles in helping Team USA to win the World Championships this year!

BU Terriers and Northeastern Huskies

Boston University took on Northeastern this year in a great hockey match. While Northeastern took the lead with an early goal by Paige Savage, the Terriers responded with five unanswered goals! One of these awesome goals was courtesy of Nina Rodgers and Samantha Sutherland. This video shows the power-play advantage – with a shot by Rogers and a deflected tip by Sunderland for the goal!

Michelle Weis Scores

In a thrilling matchup last month, the University of New Hampshire (UNH) women’s hockey team played against Maine. Michelle Weis scored early when the UNH goalie got a bit sidetracked. The Maine forward seized the opportunity as the goalie was expecting another player to score from behind the net.

These are some of the top goals scored by women so far this year. We will continue to cover women’s ice hockey on all levels into the New Year! Stay tuned, fans.

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