Did you know the annual all-star game is considered a huge deal among women’s hockey fans? Well, it is! For new fans of the sport who need more information about this awesome event, here’s an overview of the annual women’s all-star ice hockey game.

Recent Hockey History

First of all, part of the reason the women’s all-star game is popular with fans is that the league was just kicked off a couple years ago. The NWHL was founded in 2015 and had its first all-star game in January of 2016. The league is all geared up for its second-ever all-star game in February of 2018.

Meet Amanda Kessel

Since joining the Metropolitan Riveters, Amanda Kessel has quickly become a fan favorite due to her superior skill and passion for the game. Moreover, she is also the super-talented sister of ice hockey winger Phil Kessel. Her legacy speaks for itself, however, and Amanda has proven she is an immense athletic talent in her own right. She was the first to score a hat-trick in NWHL history, and fans will get to witness Kessel take on the role of captain at this year’s all-star game. Check out her some of her highlights here!

Skills Competitions and More

Sticking to the same NHL format fans love, the NWHL all-star game will include a skills competition complete with a fastest skater/goalie competition, a shooting accuracy competition, a hardest shot competition and a breakaway and rapid-fire shoot-out challenge. Furthermore, the game will include a 4-on-4 format which goes for two 25-minute periods.

Watch From Home

All amped for this year’s all-star game but can’t make it to the arena? Fortunately, there’s an option to watch from home. The game takes place February 11 at 4 p.m. but will air Sunday, Feb. 12 at 3 p.m. on NWHL Live Cross-Ice Pass, where viewers will have access to all the action on both their website and YouTube page.

The all-star game features some of the top talents in the NWHL and is quickly becoming one of the most treasured traditions in the league. Tune in this year to join in the fun!

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