Anyone who is an avid fan of sports or movies is more than familiar with what a blooper is. However, there are some bloopers that are not only more entertaining but also more memorable than others.

Sit back, relax and get ready to laugh as this article goes through some of the funniest and most memorable face wash blooper moments in the NHL.

The “Accidental Spit Ball” by Dustin Byfuglien

While on the bench, NHL players are constantly spitting. The put water in their mouths, then spit, and spit and spit some more.

While the bench can be a pretty funny spot in any location, this type of blooper is one that is exclusive to the game of hockey (thus far).

While sitting on the bench, Dustin Byfuglien spat on someone passing by. In addition to spitting on an unsuspecting passerby Byfuglien has also spat on a referee and choked on his own water. Perhaps he is the king of hockey bloopers? Talk about a rude way to get someone’s attention!

The Kiss From Esa Tikkanen

The 1993-1994 playoff season was pretty exciting. Not only were the games close and the fans excited, but the players made the game even more fun.

One player that definitely satisfied those with a funny bone was Esa Tikkanen. During the playoffs he was caught on film kissing Dale Hunter — from the opposing team! Now that’s some hockey that any and everyone can enjoy.

Another player that no longer showed “affection” for someone on the opposing team was Brad Marchand. This must be a trend, right?

The Infamous Punch and Rub

During the Stanley Cup Finals in 2017 thinks got a bit chippy between Sidney Crosby and P.K. Subban. Crosby didn’t have a great game when it came to scoring, but he did star in a pretty unforgettable scrap.

He not only punched Subban in the face, but he then added insult to injury by rubbing his face in the ice.

There’s no question that the sport of hockey is pretty entertaining, but when bloopers like these occur, it makes the sport even more fun.

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