The U.S. Women’s Olympic Hockey Team is getting ready for the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. In fact, the team is currently competing in the Four Nations Cup in Florida. This annual tournament also features Canada, Sweden and Finland.

Four Nations Cup Highlights – So Far

The Tournament opened up with Canada defeating the Swedes 9-0. The US also defeated Finland 8-2, while Night Two action saw the Fins defeat Sweden 3-1. The event started on November 7 and will end on November 15th.

The Four Nations Cup has also seen the continuing rivalry between Team USA and Team Canada. In fact, both teams met on November 8 with USA defeating Canada 4-2.. These two North American powerhouses are also favored to make it to the Olympic finals in Pyeongchang. There is a truly storied history between these teams.

On Sunday November 12th, Team USA beat Canada (5-1) to capture their 8th title.

Past World Championships and Olympics

There have been 19 World Championships and Olympics played since 1990. Team USA and Team Canada have met in the gold-medal finals a total of 18 times! They did not, however, meet in the finals of the 2006 Olympics. It was Sweden that edged out the USA in the semi-finals, and Canada went on to win the Gold.

Team USA’s Current Drought

The U.S. Women’s National Team has not won Olympic gold since 1997. That, of course, was the inaugural tourney for a number of women’s ice hockey teams. Team USA lost to Canada in 2002, 2006 and 2010. With this in mind, Head Coach Robb Stauber is determined to take his squad into the ice-hockey finals next year. This is why the USA — and other teams — are currently participating in exhibition and tournament-style games heading into the New Year.

Canada Leads the Series

The Canadian Women’s National Team leads in overall women’s ice hockey championships. In fact, they have ten international titles while the USA has five. It is also important to note that both Team Canada and Team USA will have players from collegiate squads. This is because there is no formal professional ice-hockey league for women in North America. As a result, most players will be joining the Olympic teams from national and college-based clubs.

Upcoming Schedule of Games

In addition to the Four Nations Cup, Team USA and Team Canada will play exhibition matches across North America. Again, these games are in preparation for the Winter Olympics in 2018. For a full breakdown and schedule of televised and non-televised games, simply check online. You can also check the official websites for both teams for tickets and more information.

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