Formed in 1975, the CJHL spans the majority of Canada. Broken down into three distinct leagues with different formats, the CJHL has an interesting setup, which is vastly different from other leagues. The following is an overview of the setup as well as some league favorites.

Quebec Major Junior Hockey League

Broken into three different conferences, the Telus East, Telus West, and Telus Maritimes, the QMJHL is filled with East and West teams, which are all based in Quebec.

Ontario Hockey League

On the flip side, the OHL playoffs, set their format as the NHL used to. In this league, each has its own playoffs leading up to the OHL Championship Series, and the teams are seeded 1-8 with the division leaders as the first and second seeds.

Western Hockey League

Lastly, the WHL mimics the NHL playoff format. Split into four divisions, with the top three teams getting a spot in the playoffs, and there are also two wild card teams from each conference. Moreover, this format is favored by players and fans alike as it allows the fans to see their rival teams compete more often.

League Favorites

A league filled with talented players, some of the top teams in the league are as follows:

  • Portland Winterhawks– With a home ice advantage for the first round, although the team is still unaware of who they will be playing against, many believe the odds are already in this team’s favor.
  • Moose Jaw Warriors– On the flip side, the Moose Jaw Warriors will meet the Prince Albert Raiders for the second time in three years. This is expected to be a high energy match-up as the Warriors have had a stellar season whereas the Raiders are fierce underdogs.
  • Swift Current Broncos– A team that ranked second place in the WHL’s East Division standings, the Broncos have home ice advantage as the playoffs begin. Although the team has been having some difficulties in recent weeks, many fans believe they will put up a serious fight with regards to securing their ability to compete in the championship.

Overall, the CJHL is a thriving league filled with lots of talented players. Although it is split up into different leagues, they are fairly easy to follow and each of them is comparable with regards to the level of talented players they possess. Either way, the top players are highly talented athletes that make the league worth watching.

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