The other two forwards on Jaromir Jagr’s Calgary Flames line right now weren’t even born when Jagr got drafted in the 1990 NHL draft. But that’s what happens when a skater plays over two decades of NHL hockey. This season makes No. 24 for No. 68, and he’s really made the most out of his hockey career. From his iconic mullet to his terrific goal-scoring capabilities, he gives fans a memorable time, every time.

No Match for the Early Jagr

Drafted by the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1990, Jagr made his mark early with his wily hair and his left-handed shooting. He could skate circles around most players and did it often. This clip of one of his best early goals shows him beating out three Chicago Blackhawks defensemen to get to the net and score in the first game of the 1992 Stanley Cup finals. The Pens went on to win the Stanley Cup that year with Jagr’s scoring help.

Making Chances, Making Goals

Dark, curly mullet flying behind him, Jagr took chances and skated around his opponents time and time again. This highlight reel shows how he has finessed the puck into the net from the very beginning through to 2016. His top 10 goals in this video show his amazing wrap-arounds and his curl and drag puck movement that has defied defensemen all across the league. In the spring of 2016 against the Winnipeg Jets, Jagr made his 742nd goal, edging out Brett Hull to become third all-time scorer in the league.

Still Going Strong

One of Jagr’s secrets has always been his ability to hold the puck. At age 45, he may not be the fastest in the league anymore, but being able to hold and control the puck means he can get it to open players. He combines their speed with his puck-handling skills to keep finding the back of the net. And even though he may not sport a traditional mullet anymore, he still gets shots on goal and maintains his standing as third in all-time scoring in the NHL.

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