Good NHL goalies know all the angles. Great NHL goalies pursue the best angles with aggression. The very best use superior athleticism to make impossible saves. Goalie Jonathan Quick made many magical saves as he backstopped the Los Angeles Kings to a pair of Stanley Cups.

Jonathan Rises Quickly in the NHL

The Los Angeles Kings employed six netminders during the 2007-08 season, including a brief stint by Jonathan Quick. The next year, the Kings gave Quick a chance to serve as a backup. He took full advantage of this opportunity, becoming the starting goalie in Los Angeles. He was good enough to earn consideration for the Calder Trophy in his first full year with the Kings, earning 21 wins in 41 games as a starter.

After a couple of decent years, Quick had a season for the ages in 2011-12, earning 10 shutouts and helping the Kings win their first Stanley Cup. Jonathan stayed hot during the playoffs, challenging shooters aggressively to cut shooting angles. His positioning allows him to consistently block most shots and gives him a chance to make acrobatic saves when he appears out of the play.

In the above clip against Joe Pavelski, Quick’s at the top of the crease when the pass swings to the right wing. This reduces the angle for Joe, while allowing Jonathan to make an incredible, sprawling save. This displays how Quick earned a pair of Stanley Cup rings in three years.

Quick’s Athletic Goaltending Saves the Kings

Goalies can’t remain in perfect position at all times. When the defense breaks down, the opposing forwards have a chance to zip the puck across the ice faster than the goalie can respond. If defenders can’t protect against this pass, a scoring opportunity is created. At this point, it’s up to the goalie to improvise a solution, or the other team will most likely score.

Quick displayed athleticism and a cool head after the defense broke down during a 2017 match-up against the Arizona Coyotes. The Coyotes found an open seam because of blown coverage, resulting in an open player staring at a yawning cage. Instead of panicking, Quick focused on standing his ground and reading the shot. He karate-kicked the puck out of midair, turning Peter Holland’s shot into the save of the year.

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