The lessons we learn as kids stay with us as we get older, hopefully wiser and more battle-tested for the demands of adulthood. As parents, it can be difficult to find the balance between preparing our kids for the complicated, often frustrating world, and simply letting them be kids. While the two don’t often go hand in hand, parents thankfully have a few options to instill the toughness, teamwork and perseverance needed to be a successful adult while also letting kids be kids and have fun. There is no better way parents can find that balance of teaching and play than in midget hockey leagues.

Why Midget Hockey?

In a world of participation trophies and youth games played without keeping score, the toughness and sense of competition that parents might have experienced in their youth is missing from much of today’s youth sports. And while ideas like participation trophies certainly have their benefits and shouldn’t be disregarded, it’s undeniable that they don’t teach the lessons and values that youth sports once did.

Midget hockey is different because of the nature of the sport. While your kids won’t be checking into plexiglass at top speeds like the professional players they might watch on television, the sport is inherently a great teacher of toughness, perseverance and teamwork. Along with being absolutely thrilling to play and immeasurably fun, hockey goes far beyond blue lines and pulling the goalie to develop character and spirit. It’s a sport that teaches kids that a small bruise isn’t the end of the world, that working within a team provides the best chance for success and the hard work spent in practice pays dividends when the puck drops.

The Benefits of Youth Sports

While midget hockey is singular in its ability to instill a tough spirit in a safe but competitive environment, youth sports in general are extremely beneficial in developing well-rounded kids. Working as part of a team is a skill that is learned, rarely gifted from birth. It is a lesson that serves kids well throughout their lives, especially in the workplace. Youth sports, midget hockey in particular, allow kids to learn those valuable lessons early in life, providing them a solid foundation they’ll always be able to rely on. The time your child spends on the ice will benefit them for the rest of their life.

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