While it may sound like a derogatory title, midget hockey is actually a term meant to refer to minors, age 15 to 17, who play hockey. Although times change and some have since done away with the term, on the whole, “midget hockey” is still widely used and recognized. Moreover, there is also a distinction between those who play in a general midget team as opposed to a major midget team. The latter typically participates in the regional circuit, which requires travel on the weekends. That said, the following is an overview of the top benefits of allowing children to play hockey.

Adversity Training

Playing sports at an early age is a wonderful way to gain some much-needed training in handling adversity. There is no way to make it through life without facing some sort of adversity and the bigger one’s goals are, the more adversity they are likely to face. By enrolling our children in sports like midget hockey, they receive invaluable training in one of the hardest areas to gain experience in. In other words, playing hockey builds character. Since it’s one of the most difficult sports to master, learning to play well takes patience, strategy, problem-solving skills, effective communication, conflict-resolution, mental/ physical agility and much more.

Self Confidence

Learning to be a competitor in the realm of sports can also boost a child’s self-esteem. In fact, studies have shown that students who are more physically active have much higher self-esteem than their peers. Since hockey requires great skill, agility, and strategy, learning to play hockey could be one of the most life changing experiences for any child.

Health and Fitness

One of our nation’s biggest epidemics is that of childhood obesity. Many parents struggle to find ways to get their kids to be more active as a means of getting more physically fit. Studies have shown that participating in competitive sports makes us more likely (up to eight times more likely) to be physically active later in life. It can also reduce your risk of contracting up to 13 distinct types of cancers, among other diseases.

Overall, there are plenty of reasons to allow your children to try competitive sports like midget hockey. At the impressionable ages of 15-17, this is a wonderful time to pick up some invaluable skills that can be applied to various areas of their lives. Despite being a difficult game to master, those who play tend to develop a love for sports and competition that goes above and beyond winning and losing.


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