As most of us know, playing hockey is a game of serious skill and strategy. Indeed, having great hand-eye coordination, balance, strength, agility and many other attributes are all vital. However, players also need a slew of equipment, such as shoulder pads, wrist guards, shin guards and, of course, hockey sticks. Speaking of which, the game can become downright hilarious when players are temporarily without their sticks. Check out the following examples as living proof.

Marian vs. Corey

In this video, Corey Perry grabs Marian Hossa’s stick and, just when you think it’s over, he continues to hold onto it. Once he has Hossa’s attention, he gives him a competitive glare and continues to hold the stick. Hossa then just lets the stick go. After all, the whistle had already been blown so, who really cares?

Corey vs. Alex

In the next video, Corey Perry is at it again. This time, he glides on by Alex Semin and manages to slip his stick out of his hand just as easily. However, the funniest part of the whole situation is how dumbfounded Semin and the entire Hurricanes team appears to be after he skates away. Classic!

Red Wings vs. Avalanches

On the flip side, things can get very hysterical when the entire team gets in on it! In this case, the Red Wings (and their fans) have had a heated rivalry for quite some time. After an Avalancher knocks down one of the Red Wings’ sticks, the two teams go back and forth over the stick and then a Red Wing player gets so frustrated he jumps out just to knock the stick from the other player’s hand. And it doesn’t end there! They actually continue this sporadic game of “finders keepers” going for the rest of the game.

Tkachuk vs. Burns

This clip is especially hilarious because he not only snatches the stick, but he refuses to give it back! What was called a “rookie mistake” turned out the be one of the best hockey stick related bloopers of all times.
Sports are intense, but they can also be funny. These videos are all splendid examples of what happens when the occasionally demonic spirit of competition sets and encourages the players to give each other… H-E- double hockey sticks.

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