Everyone hits hard when it comes to playing pro hockey — but there are some who take things to the next level. Love watching hockey players break the rules? Here are five of the dirtiest NHL players of all time.

Radko Gudas

Radko Gudas has a reputation for being one of the NHL’s dirtiest players. Currently a defenseman for the Philadelphia Flyers, Gudas has been given multiple “in-person” hearings for his offenses: hitting Austin Czarnik, playing dirty against the Winnipeg Jets, and more.

Here are some videos showing some of his worst offenses:



Sean Avery

Some people call Sean Avery the least liked guy in the NHL. Others call him “The Pest.” Avery admits to playing dirty: he likes to get under the skin of players on the other team, and he has admitted he thinks nothing is sacred. One thing that makes him particularly dirty (and unlikable?) is that he’s a winger who has a habit of shoving and hitting goalies. Not cool.

Here are some videos highlighting just how dirty he can play:




Matt Cooke

Matt Cooke has long been considered one of the NHL’s dirtiest players. He has been suspended multiple times for delivering unfair and dangerous hits. Cooke played 16 seasons in the NHL, and after delivering a blow to the head of Marc Savard he actually inspired the NHL to changed conduct rules to help discourage violent behavior.

Here are some videos of Matt Cooke’s cheapshots and dirty playing:



Steve Downie

Steve Downie isn’t just dirty in the NHL. He was also a rough junior hockey player, once knocking out three teeth of one his teammates (Akim Aliu) during practice. Downie has a hot temper, and he has received multiple suspensions from the NHL — including one of the longest in the league’s history.

Here are some videos of Steve Downie playing dirty:



Steve Ott

People have questioned whether Steve Ott is the dirtiest NHL player of all time. Another NFL “Pest,” Ott received multiple suspensions throughout his career for offenses like eye gouging, hitting opponents in the head, and more.

Watch Steve Ott’s antics here:




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