Known for its fights and other physical violence, hockey tends to be one of the most intense games in existence. Indeed, on a very regular basis, various players who are simply trying to win for their team find themselves in fisticuffs. Moreover, this is actually unique to the game of hockey as most other pro sports forbid violence altogether. Nevertheless, there is typically noticeably less violence during the playoff season. The following is my personal take on why this happens.

Hard Work and Winning

Firstly, one of the top reasons for the lack of violence during the playoff season is because it took each team lots of hard work and dedication to earn their spot in the playoffs. This makes them less likely to want to physically fight one another because they have mutual respect for one another, noting that they were able to make it so far in the game.

An End of an Era

Moreover, endings are always a sad time, even if it is only the end of a season. Another reason many players lose their will to fight it out is because they are slightly sentimental about the fact that the season will soon be over. Indeed, this is especially true for those who may be trading teams or retiring once the season ends.

Fight Night

Although playoff fights aren’t common, the ones we do witness can turn into all-out brawls. For instance, check out this clip from the Flyers versus the Penguins game in 2012. What started out as a few minor violations ended in a full-on fight between the teams. This is an example of letting your frustrations get the best of you. On the flip side, this video of Roman Polak versus Dmitrij Jaski shows what happens when the chaotic energy of the crowd takes over. It seems the players were almost coerced into fighting. Once the crowd got excited, the players slipped back into battle mode.

Overall, NHL hockey is known to be a game filled with instances of violence. However, it’s good to know that there are times when the teams give the unnecessary roughness a rest and simply play their best game. On the flip side, the Flyers versus the Penguins fight is a prime example of what happens when emotions are running high and someone dares to cross the line.

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