Checking is a risky but effective technique in hockey to release the opposing team’s possession of the puck. If it fails, however, you can send yourself crashing into the boards or even tumbling out of the rink. A good check requires skill and technique to pull off. No matter how much you practice, sometimes you’ll just miss.

Cal Clutterbuck Flies Into Vancouver Bench

This could be my favorite hockey check blooper. Cal Clutterbuck charges into Alex Burrows in a fierce body check. Burrows is too fast, not only passing the puck but also spinning on his skate to leave Clutterbuck tumbling into the opposing teams’ bench.

Stone Leaves Game After Missing Faulk

Right winger Mark Stone threw himself at Justin Faulk to snatch back possession behind the Carolina Hurricanes’ goal. Faulk turns away in time, allowing Stone to sail into the boards. Stone’s play was in vain, and before long possession was back in the hands of the Hurricanes. The stunt injured Stone enough that he had to leave the game.

Too-Many-Men Penalty After Tootoo Misses Hit

Jordin Tootoo earned a rare penalty for New Jersey Devils when he missed a hit and tumbled head-first into the announcer’s booth. Before he got himself back into the action another player had taken his place. Since Tootoo wasn’t in the player’s box, the referee deemed that, technically, there were too many men in play, and gave the penalty.

Emelin Misses Hip Check and Takes Out Own Team Member!

In perhaps the most spectacular check blooper to date, Alexei Emelin swings his hip toward Tyler Johnson, who deftly dodges the attack and leaves Emelin to sail into his own teammate, Erik Cole. Erik is sent head-over-heels onto the ice.

Farnham Misses Hit and Gets Cross Checked by Voracek

Bobby Farnham is seen here hurling himself into Jakub Voracek, who slips out of the way and shoves Farnham down with his stick while he tries to regain his composure. Voracek immediately took himself out of play, but Farnham wasted no time coming after him, trying to start a scruff over the illegal retaliation.

Cam Janssen Misses Check

The now-retired Cam Janssen always had a reputation as an aggressive player on the rink. In this clip, we see a solid attempt to check Tim Erixon against the boards. With a cool side-parry by Erixon, however, Janssen is left struggling like an overturned tortoise to right himself with the help of his teammates.

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