Kaitlin Burt, who goes by Katie, is a phenomenal goalie who plays for the Boston College hockey team. Last month she broke the NCAA record for the most career games won, and she was the first pick of the draft in the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL) in 2017. She is among the top five NCAA goalies in almost every ranking and excels on and off the ice.

Early Talent

Katie Burt grew up in Boston with her parents and brother. Even before college, she was recognized as an exceptional athlete. Her first love was baseball, which she starred in on her little league team, composed of mostly boys. She also tried softball but found she didn’t enjoy it. Katie fell in love with hockey as a sixth grader and gained confidence in front of the goal, which she attributes to her confidence in baseball. When she was only eleven, she started at goalie for her high school team. She competed for the U.S. Under Eighteen team at the IIHF World Championship when she was a junior in high school. The team won a silver medal. By the time she was seventeen, Boston College was so confident in her abilities that they offered her a place on the team. She took an accelerated course of summer classes to graduate early, and enrolled at Boston College.

College Career

According to the Boston Globe, the switch to division one was difficult at first. Burt said, “It was really tough, especially mentally. Your body picks up on the speed of the game, the quickness… but you come in and you’re not necessarily mentally prepared not to stop everything…” She quickly adjusted, starting at goalie as a freshman. Katie went back to the U.S. Under 18 team in 2015, earning a gold medal when the team won. As a sophomore, she helped the Boston College Eagles achieve a nearly perfect season, which was only broken when they lost the National Championship game. In January, she broke the old NCAA record of 114 career wins with 115 wins, breaking her tie with Noora R├Ąty. Aside from hockey, Katie has made the academic honor roll multiple times as an economics major.

What’s Next?

In the November 2017 NWHL draft, Katie was chosen as the first overall pick by the Boston Pride. She’ll play for Boston next year, after she graduates. In her final college season, Katie Burt holds a goals against average of 1.97. Katie has remarkable dexterity, and isn’t afraid to dive face first into the ice if it means blocking a goal. She will go on to do great things at the professional level, and her career is only beginning.

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