NHL players are fun to watch. The aggressiveness of the game is a huge draw for many fans. However, something else stands out and makes these games even more fun to watch – the goal celebrations from players.

Scoring a goal is a big deal. With all the excitement and adrenaline rushing, many players have invented their own signature moves or dances to celebrate their success. Here are some of the most memorable goal celebrations in NHL history.

Teemu Selanne

The first season of hockey in North America for Teemu Selanne was 1993. This was a landmark year for the then 22-year-old, who ended up scoring 76 goals during the season, overcoming the rookie record and leading the entire league. After scoring his 54th goal, breaking Mike Bossy’s record, he celebrated by throwing his glove in the air and pretending his stick was a machine gun to shoot it. Something most fans haven’t forgotten to this day.

Jaromir Jagr

While this hockey player’s signature look was a shaggy mullet, his signature goal-scoring celebration was also one that is still remembered. According to information in an article published in Ottawa Citizen, his move, which was a simple salute, was inspired by Terrell Davis, the running back for the Denver Broncos. He was seen doing this after every goal scored.

Milan Hejduk

Hejduk scored a total of 375 career goals while playing in the NHL. Regardless of how many he scored, however, he never celebrated a goal quite like he did after his overtime win against the Dallas Stars in March of 2000. Many now refer to this move has him “taking a swim” or “taking a dive.” While it is difficult to tell what he was doing before diving onto the ice, his celebration is one that is definitely memorable.

Alex Kovalev

After winning a game against the Philadelphia Flyers in February of 2001, Kovalev, who shot the winning goal, topped off this triumph by showing off his own version of the moonwalk – on ice. This occurred about eight months before Michael Jackson had released “Invincible.” However, after viewing this video, you will see that there is no question that the King of Pop was being channeled by Kovalev.

If you love hockey, then you know players get into the game. As a result, there are more than a few fun and memorable celebrations on the records.

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