Penalty Shots by the Amateurs

Outside of the legendary fisticuffs, one of the biggest things that makes hockey such an amazing game is the potential for the unforgettable and uncanny penalty shots. Of course, there’s plenty of excitement in the NHL. But when it comes to the minor leagues and junior hockey, you could hardly do better than seeing these spirited young players scramble for victory. Here are five nail-biting examples of junior players overcoming huge odds by nailing some unbelievable penalty shots.

1. The Dragon Slayer

This little guy became a household name in his hometown after making this amazing shot. The way he approaches the net, you would think he was getting ready to take down a dragon, Then, with pure finesse, he shoots the puck into the net between the goaltender’s feet. And the crowd goes crazy as it slowly, very slowly slides in for the goal.

2. The Dazzler

This young penalty shooter wants to make absolutely certain that the opposing goalie is thoroughly bedazzled, confused, and flustered before he risks his all important penalty shot. He appears to be churning butter, but he is in fact churning up a winning shot.

3. Don’t Take Your Guns to Town, Son

This amateur player has obviously been putting in some extra practice at the skating rink on his days off. He shuffles the puck deftly from deep in his own end and lays the goalie out flat with pure finesse before calmly making the goal. We’ll be looking for this young man in the big league.

4. The Technical Maestro

After an exciting breakaway and with just 58 seconds remaining on the clock, this talented young man is granted a penalty shot. It was an intense game that was all but sure to be a loss by just one point when the shooter managed to tie it up with a perfectly executed penalty shot. But it was the way he earned the penalty shot that was just so on the money. It just so happens this was a young Tyler Sequin.

5. A Back Handed Compliment

Here, a young Nathan Gerbe displays ample technical prowess with a professional looking approach and an extremely smooth turn around which leaves the goalie completely open to the shot. There’s nothing funny about this one, just cool nerves and some well polished technique.

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