Rasmus Dahlin is a two-way defensive player with the Frolunda Indians, a Swedish Hockey League team. But, given his immense talents, it doesn’t look like Rasmus will remain in his native Sweden for much longer.

A Boy Skates to Greatness

At times, it’s hard to believe that Rasmus is only 17 years old; he was born in April 2000. His prowess and finesse are often startling.

Rasmus first learned the game of hockey from his father. Felix, his elder brother, was also a Swedish junior hockey player, and he taught Rasmus some techniques as well.

In time, Rasmus found that he had more fun playing defense, and he chose to focus on those skills.

Unstoppable in the Rink

Rasmus may be the number one NHL draft pick in 2018. Eventually, he could become the NHL’s best defensive player. He’s already played for the Swedish hockey team in the World Junior Championship, and he’ll likely compete in the Winter Olympics, perhaps as soon as 2018.

In practically every game, the 6-foot-2 Rasmus is fast and flexible, intense and creative. He passes extremely well, and he’s very smooth overall. The following video links highlight these qualities. It’s exciting to see Rasmus Dahlin get the first goal of a season, make a really unlikely goal and score during a shootout. To watch him even in brief clips is to watch an undeniable star.

Fredrik Sjostrom, Frolunda’s general manager, believes that Rasmus can see the action of a game in slow motion. As a result, he can perceive how others will move and navigate around them easily.

The Future Gleams Like Ice

Of course, Rasmus will face plenty of challenges ahead. For one, he’s still building up his strength and physique. Even trickier, he’ll need to get accustomed to media scrutiny and life in the public eye. He knows he must stay grounded, and he works all the time at improving his game.

Rasmus Dahlin’s goal is to always compete to the best of his abilities. As he puts it, “I don’t want to lose.”

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