The NHL 2017-18 Playoffs has truly been exciting to say the least. While the Capitals will face the Lighting in the Eastern Conference finals, the Vegas Golden Knights are awaiting the winner of the Predators versus Winnipeg Jets in the West. The playoffs have also seen some great goalie saves since the first game. Here are some of the best saves that have dazzled fans in and out of the League.

Marc-Andre Fleury Glove Save

In the second round of the Western Conference playoffs, the Knights’ Marc-Andre Fleury performed an incredible glove save against the Sharks in Game 3. With the series tied 1-1, game 3 went into overtime and Pavelski passed the puck to Logan Couture who blasted the shot for a sure-fire goal. However, the quick actions of Fleury resulted in one of the best saves of the night – and the entire Playoffs so far. Take a look at this amazing saveand the top-notch skills of Fleury in action.

Stick Save – Frederik Andersen

In the first round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs, the Maple Leafs’ goalie Frederik Andersen made an awesome stick save to prevent the Bruins’ David Pastmak from scoring. This happened when Andersen got caught behind a screen – and Pastmak seized the opportunity and fired a rocket. With everything to lose, Andersen made a desperate maneuver and lifted his stick to prevent the goal. This too is considered one of the top, jaw-dropping saves so far in the Playoffs. Take a look at this amazing save by Andersen.

Corey Schneider Rebound Save

Corey Schneider, goalie for the Devils, made an incredible save against the Lightning in the second week of the Playoffs. Schneider saved the initial shot on goal with his arm – then used his glove to stop the rebound shot on goal. This is also one of the best saves in the Playoffs so far and Schneider showed why he is one of the best netminders in the League today.

With the Playoffs almost over and Stanley Cup Finals approaching, we will continue to highlight the best saves and plays in the post-season. Check back for more exciting action in and out of the NHL in the days and weeks ahead.

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