The shutout: that glorious moment when the goaltender stops every shot of the game. Many have experienced a handful in their careers, but few will make it their personal goal. Marty Brodeur may claim the most career shutouts with his record of 125, but only 11 current goaltenders are making their way up the coveted shutout list. Craig Anderson of the Ottawa Senators is one of them, recently celebrating his 40th shutout. It’s taken him 15 seasons, but he’s finally there.

Getting on the List

In addition to the best moves in the league, most need at least 10 solid seasons in the crease. Only three goaltenders played under 400 games before reaching the 40-shutout mark, but the majority played over 600. The top two enjoyed over 100 shutouts, with the third coming in close to the century mark:

  1. Marty Brodeur: 125 shutouts over 1266 games
  2. Terry Sawchuk: 103 out of 971 games
  3. George Hainsworth: 94 during a 465-game career

Of the goaltenders currently playing, here are the standings for 40 or more shutouts:

  • Roberto Luongo: 74 shutouts over 981 games
  • Henrik Lundqvist: 63 shutouts in 771 games
  • Pekka Rinne and Jonathan Quick: tied at 46 with over 500 games apiece
  • Marc-Andre Fleury: 44 shutouts over 698 games
  • Jaroslav Halak: 41 in 414 games
  • Ryan Miller, Craig Anderson and Carey Price: tied at 40 shutouts each (718 games played for Miller, 531 for both Anderson and Price)

The running for the next milestone is pretty tight up to the 50-shutout mark, with Rinne and Quick the most likely to be the first ones to match it.

How Did Anderson Get There?

Anderson started his NHL career with the Chicago Blackhawks in 2002. He spent four seasons there before getting traded to the Florida Panthers for three years. During his time with the Panthers, he set a record in 2008 (now broken) for the most saves (53) in a shutout.

He then minded the net for the Colorado Avalanche before landing with his current team, the Ottawa Senators. While with the Avalanche, he got close to his own record that first year by making a 51-save shutout against the San Jose Sharks during the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

In February 2011, Anderson got traded to the Senators. After numerous wins and shutouts, his most recent is one to remember. On December 16, 2017, Anderson led the Senators to a 28-save shutout against the Montreal Canadiens for a 3-0 win. This not only marked his 40th career shutout but also goes down in the books as the 4th ever shutout in an NHL outdoor game.

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