Despite being a serious game centered on skill and strategy, hockey can, at times, be quite comical. In addition to the slips and falls as well as some of the more light-hearted scuffles, one of the most entertaining aspects of watching ice hockey is watching the bloopers. Sometimes the players make mistakes and it’s downright hilarious when the goalies, who are trained to defend the goal at all costs, completely miss the mark. That said, let’s check out some of the top goalie bloopers from the NHL.

Maple Leafs vs. Rangers

One of the best bloopers occurs right at the beginning of this video. Showing how big bulky equipment can have its disadvantages, the Rangers were able to score as there was apparently a large enough space left in between the Leaf’s goalie’s (Bernier) legs. However, the funniest part about this blooper is how mad his coach looked. Yikes.

Capitals vs. Flyers

A bit later in the video, there is another notable example of a blooper. This time, it’s the Capitals versus the Flyers. Despite appearing to be an easy miss, the goal actually slid right on into the goal from center-ice. Moreover, given the impressive level at which the Flyer’s goalie, Steve Mason, had been performing at, the easy miss was an especially embarrassing one.

Coyotes vs. Maple Leafs

Speaking of scoring from center-ice, one of the most notable bloopers occurred in the Coyotes versus the Maple Leafs game that took place in 2015. Not that center-ice scoring is unheard of. However, the presentation of this goal is what made it such a memorable play. Right after facing off, the puck is passed to Oliver Ekman-Larsson, who then scores on Maple Leafs goalie, Jonathan Bernier. A truly effortless shot, the reason this is such a blooper is that it shows us the dangers of letting your guard down while on the goalie post… even for just a couple of seconds.

Overall, hockey is a very serious game for fierce competitors who are incredibly skilled. However, we all have our bad days and, when the goalies miss, it’s just comedy gold!

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