Although it is a rare occurrence, goaltenders occasionally receive penalties. Despite the fact that they are tasked with maintaining order in the game, goaltenders, like all other players, occasionally fall short. Indeed, in the game of hockey, there are often instances of violence, and this is a somewhat accepted element of the game. Nevertheless, these instances are not without their penalties. No matter if they are a goalie or player, all hockey players are subject to the same rules and regulations. That said, the following is a closer look at some notable goaltender penalties.

Ron Hextall

In this first clip, Ron Hextall, who was known for making his share of dirty plays, committed quite an offense. By hitting another player in the back of the legs to prevent him from scoring, this goaltender penalty was made infamous. A controversial player, to say the least, many of Hextall’s antics while in the league have turned into a notorious bad boy in the world of hockey.

Bill Smith

On the flip side, yet another player known for his trouble-making antics, Bill Smith had quite a few infractions during his career. For instance, he incurred a 6-game suspension after whacking a Black Hawks player. Certainly a brutal play, to say the least, Smith should serve as an example of what not to do for younger players.

Ben Bishop

Lastly, Ben Bishop is a player who was also known to be no stranger to mischief. In this clip, you can clearly see him holding onto and attempting to trip another player, Tomas Tatar, in order to prevent him from scoring. Needless to say, Bishop subsequently received a penalty.

Overall, there have been many instances in which goaltenders have incurred penalties. In addition to these, there are many other notable instances on YouTube as well as other sites. In addition to Bill Smith, Ben Bishop, and Ron Hextall, there are plenty of notoriously ill-behaved players in the league who have become well-known for making plays such as those mentioned above. Be sure to check out the above clips and then do some searching to find some entertaining clips of your own.

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