Hockey is a hard-hitting game full of stats. Most people know that W stands for wins and L for losses, but what about some of the other abbreviations? This explanation of goaltender stats will boost anyone’s hockey knowledge faster than the puck can travel down the ice!

Win, Lose or Draw?

Unlike the other players, goaltenders are tasked with keeping the puck out of the net instead of getting it in there (although they occasionally score a goal, too!). So, goaltenders first get credited with a win (W) or a loss (L) for each game, but only if they’re on the ice when the game-winning goal is scored. That’s how some goalies rack up Ws and Ls even if they only play a few minutes of the game.

Ties (T) aren’t used anymore, but they’re used in older stats. Now, the stat reflects the ultimate result from the overtime play, even if the game goes to a shootout. OTL for overtime loss and OTW for overtime win.

The Stats Everyone Looks For

Just like the players keep track of how many times they shoot, goaltenders get a stat for every time the puck is shot at them and how many they save. Here are the big stats for goaltenders.

  • SA: Shots against
  • GA: Goals against (except for empty-net goals, because they’re not on the ice, eh?)
  • GAA: Goals against average, calculated using the following equation: [GA x 60 (for game length in minutes)]/minutes played
  • S: Saves
  • SV PCT or SV%: Save percentage, which is S/SA.
  • SO: Shut-outs, or when they don’t let the other team score at all

Goaltending Record Holders

Good ‘ole Marty Brodeur holds the records for most career wins (691) and shutouts (125). Gary Smith of the Golden Seals holds the record for most losses (48) in one season, back in 1970-71. Brian Boucher holds the record for the longest continuous shutout by a goaltender, at 332:01 in the 2003-04 season. Ben Scrivens has the most saves in a regular season shutout at 59. And back in the 1950s, Jacques Plante made his mark with the most consecutive Stanley Cup finals appearances with eight (1953-1960).

League Leaders for the 2017-18 Season

That tried and true Blackhawk, Corey Crawford, is leading this season’s goaltenders with a 1.87 GAA and a .942 SV%. No surprise to most hockey fans! Andrei Vasilevskiy of the Tampa Bay Lightning is leading the league in wins with 12. And, Jonathan Quick, Anders Nilsson and Corey Crawford are tied at 2 for the most shutouts.

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