Even the best hockey goalies in history let about 1-in-10 shots get by them. To have a career save percentage above .90 requires goalies to defy logic on a regular basis… and many of them do.

The following are the 10 greatest saves in NHL history.

1) Ryan Miller Lays Out to Save Empty Net Goal

Miller robbed Henrik Zetterberg’s would-be empty net goal by charging back onto the ice, flying horizontally across the face of the net, and snatching the puck out of the air one handed Odell Beckham style. (like a lunging catcher? Like a Labrador leaping for a frisbee? Like Serena extending for a backhand? Like a dad catching milk before it spills?)

2) Caron Shocks Crosby

So fast is Crosby that he juked Sebastien Caron almost outside the goal post before snapping the puck to the opposite side for a goal – but like a magic trick, the out of position Caron made the save.

3) Hasek “Worthy”

Just as famous as the save┬áDominik Hasek made against Philadelphia is the post-save commentary by Rick Jeanneret, “Oh my! We are not worthy!”

4) Hasek Sends Gaborik Into Orbit

Yes, two of the greatest saves in history were by Dominik Hasek, and no one in the world of hockey will argue against it for a second, especially not against this save.

5) Three Bars Rob Viktor Stalberg

While the goalie had nothing do with the no-goal, the odds of the puck hitting all three bars and not going in qualify this for the top seven saves of all time.

6) Marc-Andre Fleury Save Wins Cup for Penguins

The timing of this save earns Marc-Andre Fleury a spot on this list: Game 7 with seven seconds left.

7) The Save

Frank Pietrangelo robbed the New Jersey Devils of a goal. Out of position and the series hanging in the balance, Pietrangelo made a glove save across his body that ended up changing the series.

8) Sabourin’s Shootout Save

Dany Sabourin’s save against Mike Richards is probably the greatest recovery save ever made. As far out of position as he could possibly be and still manages to get a stick on the puck – the save is insane.

9) Tim Thomas Wins Everything With One Save

Maybe it wasn’t this one save that earned Thomas the Conn Smythe Award, the Vezina Trophy, and the best single-season save percentage in any season, but it didn’t hurt.

10) Pekka Rinne Heads Up

When the puck took a crazy bounce and shot toward the net while Rinne was behind the net expecting the puck too swing around the back boards, the goalie was forced to make an insane play.

No doubt there are 100 other saves that could make this list, but which of these would you remove? Feel free to comment below.

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