A dangle in ice-hockey is a series of moves designed to fake out a goalie or player. While it originally meant to skate fast with the puck — the addition of trick moves and has made it one of the most popular moves in hockey. From the NHL and minor leagues to the amateurs, it takes a lot of skill to master the perfect dangle. However, it all comes down to precise puck control, as well as the ability to maneuver and out skate the opposition.

Check out this video of some of the best dangles in NHL history:


Mario Lemieux — The Best Dangler Ever

When it comes to the best dangles in NHL history, Mario Lemieux was up there with the best of them. In fact, he utilized exemplary stick-handling skills to maneuver on the ice — and fake out many players. As a true hockey icon, Lemieux was synonymous with handling the puck incredibly well. This is what led to so many picture-perfect fakes and scores during his illustrious career.

Here are some awesome dangles by Mario Lemieux over the years:


Patrick Kane — Today’s Best Dangler

There can’t be a best danglers list that doesn’t include Patrick Kane. The Chicago Blackhawk is known for his incredible puck and stick-handling skills on the ice. In fact, many believe that Kane is the best dangler in the league today. With his amazing moves and fakes, he continues to mesmerize fans from all over the world.

Check out this video of Patrick Kane’s top dangles:


Pavel Datsyuk — The Russian Express

Pavel Datsyuk is also heralded for his amazing puck and stick-handling skills. As arguably the best dangler against other skaters, Pavel has truly mastered the art of dangling, snipes and ice robberies. In fact, many believe he is only second to Kane in terms of highlight-reel dangles and fakes. Remember, dangles do not necessarily mean faking the goalie out to score. It can also relate to tricking the opposition to believe you are going to shoot the puck — but actually pass it to a teammate to score.

Here are some incredible dangles by Pavel Datsyuk over the years:


Dangles are techniques that can take years to master and perfect. However, with the right coaching at any level — you can truly learn how to become a major force on the ice!

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