The NHL playoffs are in full swing, and there’s no question there have been more than a few amazing shots, upsets and more on the ice this year.

Those watching had the opportunity to see these shots first-hand; however, for those who missed a game or two – don’t worry. Here are some highlights of the most impressive shots that have occurred so far during the playoffs. These are shots most fans may want to watch again, and again.

The Amazing Goal by Filip Forsberg

When it comes to amazing goals, it doesn’t get much better than the shot Filip Forsberg of the Nashville Predators made toward the beginning of the postseason.

During game 1, when the Predators beat the Colorado Avalanche, Forsberg scored the second goal of the game during the third period. What was so impressive is how he went between his own lets, and then through the wicket of Samuel Girard, a defenseman.

Couturier’s Fortuitous Goal

Philadelphia Flyers’ Sean Couturier achieved a pretty impressive goal recently as well. During game 5 against the Pittsburgh Penguins, he scored the game-winning goal to help the Flyers secure a spot in Game 6.

In this same game, he also recorded his second career playoff hat trick.

This wasn’t the first impressive goal from Couturier for the postseason. He also got a shot off and then the rebound bounced off Kris Letang, giving the team the lead.

Jake Guentzel’s Efforts for His Team

When the second period of Game 6 was about halfway over, Penguins players were looking at the real possibility of going back home for the next game, which would be played against one of the top-runners in the league – the Philadelphia Flyers.

Then came Jake Guentzel.

Planning forward, Guentzel assisted on the Patric Hornqvist tally. After that, he decided to handle things all on his own. After he set up Hornquist, Guentzel helped to bring the Penguins’ score up in the final minute of the game’s second period. Scoring several more times, he helped to clinch the win for his team.

There they are, the most impressive shots thus far. Who knows what’s going to happen next.

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