10: Trevor Linden on Jeff Norton

In the 1995 playoffs, Vancouver Canucks hero Trevor Linden absolutely PLASTERED the St. Louis Blues’ Jeff Norton through the glass at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver.

9: Vladimir Konstantinov on Dale Hawerchuk

During the 1997 Stanley Cup Finals, the Detroit Red Wings’ Vladimir Konstantinov destroyed the Philadelphia Flyers’ Dale Hawerchuk at center ice, helping secure the win and a 3-0 series lead. Sadly, this would be Konstantinov’s second last game ever, as he was severely disabled following a limousine accident that offseason.

8: Scott Stevens on Ron Francis

This is the first appearance of New Jersey Devils defenseman Scott Stevens on this list. It won’t be the last. Here, he creams Ron Francis of the Carolina Hurricanes in the first round of the 2001 playoffs. It takes Francis three tries to finally crawl onto the bench.

7: Geoff Courtnall on Jeremy Roenick

In 1996, the St. Louis Blues’ Geoff Courtnall caught Chicago Blackhawks forward Jeremy Roenick coming across the Blues’ slot after taking a shot on net and leveled him, fracturing Roenick’s jaw.

6: Scott Stevens on Paul Kariya

Stevens didn’t end Anaheim forward Paul Kariya’s career that day with this check in the 2003 Stanley Cup Finals, but even Kariya admits it was the beginning of the end. Kariya actually came back and scored after this check, a goal he has no memory of scoring.

5: Larry Robinson on Gary Dornhoefer

In the 1976 Stanley Cup Finals, The Canadiens’ Larry Robinson ran the Flyers’ Gary Dornhoefer into the boards so hard that they actually had to stop play so the could fix the broken section.

4: Niklas Kronwall on Martin Havlat

Red Wings defenseman Niklas Kronwall ran right through the Blackhawks’ Martin Havlat in the 2009 playoff, knocking Havlat out cold.

3: Wendel Clark on Bruce Bell

During the 1986-87 season, the Toronto Maple Leafs’ Wendel Clark exploded on the Blues’ Bruce Bell, leaving Bell to be carried off the ice on a stretcher.

2: Darcy Tucker on Sami Kapanen

In the 2004 playoffs, the Leafs’ Darcy Tucker hit the Flyers’ Sami Kapanen so hard along the boards that Kapanen not only flies completely horizontally but takes a full 15 seconds to skate to the bench, unable to stay on his skates after having his bell rung.

1: Scott Stevens on Eric Lindros

Again, this wasn’t the day that Eric Lindros’s career ended, but it did end his Flyers career, beginning his decline from the most dominant power forward in the league to the fragile centreman that eventually left the league years too early. Scott Stevens just demolishes Lindros.

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