Lies, slander, propaganda and rumors are all part and parcel of the game of hockey, but some rumors are worse than others. With this in mind, we’ve decided to put together a list of the worst things you’ve ever heard about your favorite hockey teams. Are the rumors true? Are they false? We’ll let you be the judge.

Brendan Shanahan

Remember Brendan Shanahan?

Unfortunately for St. Louis fans, there was this guy. It wasn’t a nightmare — it was very much a reality. Now, of course, he’s grown into himself and has become a big-time NHL executive, but back then, he was publicly rowing with coach Mike Keenan, with Keenan eventually declaring that Shanahan was “half the player he thought he was.” OUCH!

Sean Avery

But He Still Wasn’t as Bad as Sean Avery…

Sean Avery is one of those players who everyone loves to hate — and for good reason. Not only did he earn the ire of every fan and player with equal aplomb, his skill set was inversely proportional to his arrogance. And the worse he played, the bigger his ego got. Bless his soul, but no one was sad to see him go when he finally retired in 2012. Hockey is now a better place without him.

Mike Comrie

And Then There Was Mr. Lizzie McGuire…

How bad are things when you’re known less for your plays and more for marrying Hilary Duff? Ask Mike Comrie. For a time, he was splashed all over the gossip pages because he married Hilary Duff, had a child with her… and then blew the wedding to bits when he propositioned a Beverly Hills waitress for sex. Does anyone even know who Comrie played for, anymore?

Andre Deveaux

But Nothing Beats Andre Deveaux!

This guy. This guy. He’s received more suspensions than, perhaps, nearly every other hockey player in modern memory, but it wasn’t until he was slapped with criminal charges for his attack on Per Helmersson that his career finally, and ignobly, came to an end. We grant that he was probably on the receiving end of some pretty heinous racial discrimination, but violence is never the answer.

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