egardless of what teams or players we all love, we can all agree that goaltenders have one of the most stressful and dangerous jobs out there on the ice. Players, sticks, and pucks are flying at them at incredible speeds and it takes fast reactions to stop the other team from scoring.

Not only that, but the goalie can easily make or break the team. Great goalies use everything at their disposal to stop the puck from crossing the goal line. So, today, we’re going to take a look at some of the most exciting saves in ice hockey: kick saves. A kick save is when a goalie uses their leg or skate to block or kick the puck before the goal is scored and yes, it is as hard and exciting as it sounds.

Jonathan Quick

Quick has been playing professionally since 2007 but was drafted in 2005 by the Los Angeles Kings. He still pays for the Kings today, and this particular kick save stopped the Arizona Coyotes’ Peter Holland from scoring what would have been a fantastic goal.

Here you can see Quick is angled towards his right side of the goal on his knees to stop a standard shot. The puck is then passed to Holland in an effort to get around Quick before he can get up and readjust, but no matter how fast the pass or shot were, Quick was faster and raised his left leg to block the shot and save the day.

Marc-André Fleury

Fleury was the 1st pick in 2003 and joined the Pittsburgh Penguins to play professionally that very same year. This is an impressive feat for any new player, and his kick save is equally impressive.

He executes his save with true style, using his left pad much like Quick did. However, Fleury takes the movement a step further and instead of assuming the standard kneeling goalie position he lays on his back kicks his leg directly up in the air to stop the puck from flying over his body and into the goal.

Reto Berra

Reto Berra is a Swiss professional who has played professionally since 2003. He entered the NHL in 2006, and was the 106th pick, going to the St. Louis Blues.

So far on this list, the kick saves have only been getting more and more ridiculous, and Berra’s save is no exception. Berra does a complete around the world 360 into a bicycle kick save. It is even more ridiculous than it sounds and words cannot express how amazing and unlikely it is, so just watch and enjoy.

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