If you’ve been a hockey fan for even a few minutes, you know that a hat trick is when a player scores three goals in one game. Fans then throw their hats to the ice in admiration. But there’s also another kind of hat trick that’s maybe even a little more exciting.

Great Things Come in Threes

When you get a goal and an assist in a game, you may not be any closer to a traditional hat trick, but you’re two-thirds of the way to a Gordie Howe Hat Trick! This variation on the three-goal hat trick, which includes a goal, an assist and a fight in the same game, was made popular by the hockey great, Gordie Howe. But he wasn’t the first one to achieve it.

The First Gordie Howe Hat Trick

Way back in 1920, (eight years before Gordie Howe was even born) Harry Cameron of the Toronto St. Pats scored the first one. So, why isn’t it called the Harry Cameron Hat Trick? Cameron only did it once, and he wasn’t really known for fighting. He was famous for scoring, though, especially with a “curved shot” well before the time of curved hockey sticks.

Gordie’s First (and Second) Gordie Howe Hat Trick

Gordie himself only achieved his namesake twice in his professional career. His skills in fighting and scoring won him the name. His first was on October 11, 1953. He assisted Red Kelly’s goal, got one of his own and then fought Fernie Flaman of the Toronto Maple Leafs. His second occurred in the same season against the same team. This time the fight was with Ted “Teeder” Kennedy, which nearly cost Teeder his ear! Although Gordie never got another one, he went on to rack up 801 goals, 1,850 points and 22 official fights before he retired in 1980.

Other Notable Gordie Howe Hat Trick Stats

Not all players are fighters and not all skaters are scorers, but every hockey fan is a statistician. Here’s some stats you’ll want to be able to quote.

  • Rick Tocchet holds the record for the most Gordie Howe Hat Tricks, at 18.
  • Jerome Iginla is one of only four players (two occasions) to achieve a double Gordie Howe Hat Trick. That’s where two players fight each other and they both get a goal and an assist in the game.
  • Tom Fitzgerald, Wayne Presley and Benoit Hogue share a triple Gordie Howe Hat Trick from a game on November 14, 1992. They all three scored a goal, gained an assist and recorded fights in that game.

And finally, some players even get the Gordie Howe with their first fight. Check out this video of Tyler Seguin doing just that!

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