When it comes to hockey records, one name comes to mind immediately: Wayne Gretzky. “The Great One” was a goal-scoring fiend; and after 18 years of retirement, he still holds an amazing 61 NHL records. After all these years, he finally shares the limelight with others on some of his records. Most may never be broken, but there are a few that Ovechkin or some other new great might beat.

Gretzky Records

All but one of the records held by Gretzky are goal and point records. The sole record that’s not is for the most consecutive MVP awards, with no. 99 winning eight in his career. Of the other 60 records, here are some of the most notable that many believe will never be broken:

  • Most career points: 2,857
  • Most career goals: 894
  • Most career assists: 1,963
  • Most goals in a season: 92
  • Fewest games needed to score 50 goals: 39
  • Most goals in the first 50 games of a season: 61
  • Longest streak with at least one point: 51
  • Most points in a season: 215
  • Most assists in a season: 163
  • Most 100-point seasons: 15
  • Most career games with three or more goals: 50
  • Most playoff points in a career: 382
  • Most playoff goals in a career: 122
  • Most points in one playoff season: 47
  • Most playoff games with three or more goals: 10

Hockey Records Gretzky Shares

Gretzky will always be the Great One, but even the greats have to make way for the next ones. Just three years ago, rookie Nathan MacKinnon of the Colorado Avalanche broke Gretzky’s point streak record by earning points in 13 consecutive games. Here are some other records that haven’t been broken but have been tied.

  • 10 players have tied for most goals in one period: 4
  • Nine players have tied the most points in one playoff period: 4
  • Eight players tied for most shorthanded goals in one playoff game: 2
  • Five players tied the most shorthanded goals in one playoff year: 3
  • Tied with Mike Bossy for nine seasons with 50+ goals and five seasons with 60+ goals.
  • Tied with Billy Taylor for the most assists in one game at seven.

Records to Watch

Other than MacKinnon and the point streak record, there are a few records that might be broken this season or in the near future. Here are the ones to watch out for:

  • Most assists in one playoff period: 4 to beat.
  • Most points in one playoff period: 5 to beat.
  • Most goals in one period: 5 to beat.
  • Most 50 goal seasons: Ovechkin could beat it with a 10th season this year.

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