The face-off — it marks the beginning of a new game, a new period and the start of a new opportunity to score after a goal is made. There are nine total face-off spots in the ice hockey arena. That’s the simple part. From there, the entire concept of the face-off, and the possibility of scoring right away, is rather complex.

There are some situations in ice hockey where a team can successfully run a certain play, and one of those opportunities is during the face-off. While these plays can go off perfectly in many cases, there are other situations when the attacking team has a run of luck.

Here you can see some examples of both successful and unsuccessful face-off attempts and learn more about how this play can change the course of a game. These are some impressive shots, made by impressive players, and worth watching a time or two.

Mario Lemieux’s Successful Face-Off Goal

About 15 years ago, Mario Lemieux scored an amazing goal directly off of a face-off against the Buffalo Sabres.

While the game began pretty normally, it seemed to be headed straight into overtime, and with some thinking it would end in a tie. However, in the third period, all this was changed thanks to Lemieux, who scored one of the most iconic goals in his entire career.

Once the puck was dropped by the official, Mario hacked past Chris Gratton, center for the Sabres, and sent the puck flying past Mika Noronen, the goaltender.

An Overtime Thriller by the Los Angeles Kings

After being involved in an extremely fast-paced overtime with the Los Angeles Kings, the Bruins were hoping for a shootout. However, the King’s offense, along with Tyler Toffoli, had other plans.

While it started out as a routine face-off in the Bruins zone, the Kings scored in one of the fastest flying goals ever. This was all achieved with just 0.9 seconds left in the game, as well as a 1-to-1 tied game. This has been touted as the “perfect” face-off goal.

These are difficult plays to make, and they can be tricky; however, there’s no question that when they are pulled off, they are “memory makers.” Chances are there will be more than a few more exciting plays such as these in the near future.

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