When it comes to amazing shots, it doesn’t get more impressive or advanced than cycling. While many NHL fans will have heard of and seen this type of move in the past, there are others who have not. After all, it isn’t as common as it was in the past.

For those who haven’t heard about cycling, or just want to know more about what it entails, they are in the right place.

Read on to learn about cycling and see what makes this move so impressive.

Cycling Defined

Cycling occurs when the players located in the offensive zone pass the puck back and forth to one another while skating in a coordinated formation away from the corners. They typically use the boards, which gets the defense moving and opens up a scoring opportunity when a forward feels they can get open in the slot or move it out to the defenseman.

In most cases, cycling is a two-stage process, so it is important that a team has prior experience this to ensure it works in their favor.

Origination of Cycling

The term “cycling” was derived from the circular rotation that takes place when players continue circling around from the corner to the half boards and into the slot prior to repeating (in some cases, several times).

The tactic is the perfect way to “tire out” defensemen and confuse the other team. It can also help to create a situation where the other team is under constant pressure, which is why they tire out so much more quickly.

Examples of Cycling

There are more than a few examples out there of puck cycling, but some of the best include Daniel and Henrik Sedin. Any player who can protect the puck in the corner is typically good at this move.

The cycling move was extremely popular during the era of “Clutch and Grab;” however, today, it isn’t seen as often as it once was.

When is Cycling Used?

While cycling can be used at any point during a game, it is often used to burn the clock if a team is leading and doesn’t want to give their competition an opportunity to score again.

Cycling is an impressive move and it is one that can be extremely effective when orchestrated perfectly.

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