As part of our Tuesday Trickshots column, we will be highlighting the best goals so far in the 2017-18 season. From the NHL to other leagues, and from game-winning goals to monumental combats, there have been some amazing goals this season. Here are the highlights for all hockey lovers!

McDavid Scores a Hat Trick – NHL

Connor McDavid netted three goals for Edmonton in their opening night victory against Calgary. McDavid needed one regular season game to score his first hat trick of the campaign. Take a look at the third goal, and see how McDavid was relatively unchallenged and wide open for an almost empty net. He performed brilliantly all night long, and Oilers fans were in a frenzy!

Sharks Take a Bite out of the Devils – NHL

The San Jose Sharks defeated the New Jersey Devils 3-0 in an exciting game last month. The final score was 3-0 in favor of the Sharks – with some incredible goals scored that night. Take a look at the goals, courtesy of Joe Pavelski, Melker Karlsson and Martin Jones. While the Devils did put up a valiant effort in this match, San Jose exposed way too many holes in the defense, leading them to score and win.

Beautiful Goal by Tomas Tatar – NHL

This amazing goal by Tomas Tatar is truly a play of beauty. In a match against the Capitals in Week 3, Dylan Larkin passed the puck to Tatar, who redirected it into the goal with amazing accuracy! Many believe this goal was a deflection-gone-lucky – but it was still one of the best goals scored so far this season.

Stamkos Scores – NHL

Steven Stamkos scored an awesome goal against Pittsburgh last month. This was courtesy of a back-hand pass by Vladislav Namestnikov near the net. You can see – in this video – how the Lightning have been practicing this play. In fact, the commentators mentioned that the team routinely practiced these amazing setups and moves. This goal was perfect, leaving the Penguins bewildered in terms of defense.

A Superb Hat Trick – OHL

Andrei Svechnikov scored an amazing hat trick for the Barrie Colts. The OHL Superstar is ranked #2 by Hockey Prospect, and is a surefire prospect for the upcoming NHL Draft. Take a look at how Andrei glides across the ice and delivers these goals in stunning fashion!

These are some of the top goals scored so far this season – in and out of the NHL. We will highlight more amazing goals as the season progresses – stay tuned, hockey fans!

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