Today on Tuesday Trickshots, we’re going to be talking about between-the-leg goals. In a typical game of hockey, the goalie is always working to predict where the puck will be coming from, based on the angle of the shooter.

That angle is usually left or right, and the goalie can make assumptions about the would-be shot based on that angle.

Sometimes, though, a particularly skilled shooter can change it up by taking a shot from between his or her legs. This approach adds an angle that provides some serious challenges for the goalie. While the shooter loses power and accuracy, they gain a “surprise factor” that can help them make the shot.

Here are five great examples of this shot in real life:

1.Nick Foligno

During his tenure on the Columbus Blue Jackets, Nick Foligno made several beautiful between-the-legs goals. The most notable, however, appears in this video, at the 2:00 mark:

What Foligno did so right here was to trick the goalie into falling for the backhand, and then taking the shot between his legs. This allowed him to capitalize on the surprise factor and make the shot to his advantage.

2. Nathan Gerbe

While playing with the Carolina Hurricanes, Gerbe scored a beautiful between-the-legs goal after a footrace down the ice. You can catch it in this video at the 2:55 mark:

This goal created a 2-0 lead in the game.

3. Michael Tavares Ribeiro

While he was playing for the Dallas Stars, Ribeiro made a beautiful between-the-legs shot on a goalie who was momentarily on his back after blocking an attempted shot. Ribeiro got the rebound from the missed shot and made it into a between-the-legs play for a truly stunning goal.

Find it at 3:30 in this video:

4. Michael Tavares Ribeiro

While he was playing with the Dallas Stars, Ribeiro landed a beautiful between-the-legs goal. Realizing he didn’t have an angle with his standard backhand, Ribeiro positioned the puck between his legs and opted for a forehand shot. You can see the action at 4:54 in this video:

5. Antoine Vermette

While playing on the Columbus Blue Jackets, Vermette positioned himself off the net, caught a rebound, pulled it between his legs and sent it right into the goal.

The shot is at 6:39 in this video:

The Power of Trickshots

As you can see from the incredible shots showcased in the videos above, trickshots can be intensely powerful. This is especially true for between-the-legs shots, which commonly catch a goalie off guard and make scoring easier for the shooter.

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