Happy New Year and welcome back to another great season of ice hockey action! As part of our popular Tuesday Trickshots column, we take a look at some of the most hilarious hockey bloopers from today and yesterday. In fact, you will find several video links to missed shots on open nets, along with a variety of mind-boggling mistakes that are sure to put a smile on your face. Here we go!

Funniest Hockey Goal Miss

This classic blooper goes back to January 4, 2007. The Edmonton Oilers were taking on the Dallas Stars at Rexall Place. Patrick Stefan missed a goal on the empty net – resulting in Ales Hemsky scoring for the Oilers! How Stefan missed the goal on an empty net is beyond belief – but it definitely had something to do with him slipping and falling on the ice near the net. Wow!

Easy Empty Net Miss

In this video, Carl Grundstrom — a Swedish forward in the Champions Hockey League — missed an empty net goal at point-blank range! The puck actually hit the post as Grundstrom skated by. Sometimes the easiest things are the hardest — especially when it comes to ice hockey!

Martin Brodeur Loses His Stick

This classic blooper goes back to the 2003 Stanley Cup Final between the Devils and Mighty Ducks. While we are showcasing some of the most hilarious misses on open nets, how about Martin Brodeur losing his hockey stick while trying to defend the net? Yep, this happened! Check out the video at the 1:13 mark. Brodeur may be the best goalie of all time, but on that night his mistake cost the Devils a goal. Still, Brodeur would more than make up for this folly, as he took the Devils to the Stanley Cup victory.

Mason Allows Terrible Goal

In a play that would make any ice hockey blunder or highlight reel, Steve Mason of the Flyers allowed a goal from center-ice to put the Capitals ahead 2-0. Watch the video of this game from April 2016, and see how Mason looked like a frozen zombie as he allowed the puck to slide right in.

Top Empty – Open Net Fails

In this hilarious video compilation, you will see some of most classic open net misses. At times, players get so enthusiastic about an open net that they forget to play the puck properly. These laughable plays only go to show that anything – and everything – can happen in the world of ice hockey!

We hope you enjoyed these funny plays. Check back next week for another exciting edition of Tuesday Trickshots!

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