Part of the excitement of watching hockey is the thrill of seeing the puck hit the back of the net. The harder and faster it hits, the more exciting it is. The slapshot, a powerful shot taken by putting a player’s full weight and brute force into the shot, is by far one of the most thrilling shots of the game.

A Shot From the Gut

Sometimes, the slapshot is gut instinct and other times it’s a last-ditch effort to get one on the net. When a player takes a slapshot, they just let it rip! No reading the goalie or considering strategy, this shot is an opportunity made by taking a chance on just going for it. It’s powerful when it’s used correctly and dangerous even if it’s not. At speeds over 100 mph, what netminder wouldn’t be afraid and frustrated by one?

Near or Far

Whether it’s taken near a face-off circle or from just inside the red line, every fan loves it when a slapshot goes in. This is partly because slapshots aren’t inherently accurate. They’re more of a dare on the goaltender and every defenseman standing in the way. Bobby and Brett Hull were both known for their slapshots back in the day, and modern legends such as Shea Weber and Zdeno Chara keep the tradition going strong.

AHL Slapshot Move

This amazing slapshot by Kyle Criscuolo helped land him a spot with the Buffalo Sabres. Playing for the Grand Rapids Griffins in the AHL, Criscuolo fired one hard on the Cleveland Monsters from the right-wing circle, netting more than just a goal. Since then, he was signed on a two-year contract by the Sabres and is currently playing for the Sabres’ development team, the Rochester Americans.

Breakaway Slapshot

Slapshots are great on the breakaway, too, like this example by Vancouver’s Vanek. In this game against the Senators, Karlsson misses the net and the puck ricochets off the pipes, setting up a great rebound opportunity. On the breakaway, Vanek fires the puck from midway into the Ottawa zone, landing his 700th career goal with the slapshot.

What other slapshots have you seen lately? List them in the comments to highlight your favorites.

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