As we wrap up 2017, we’re taking a look at some of the prettiest shootout goals in ice-hockey this past year. As you know, shootouts in ice-hockey happen when both teams remain scoreless after an overtime period. This results in a set number of players from each squad – usually three in the NHL – taking penalty shots. In other leagues, there can be up to five players per team taking these shots This, of course, is governed and mandated by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIF) rules and regulations. Let’s take a look at some of the best shootout goals that happened this year!

Anaheim Ducks vs. San Jose Sharks

Check out this awesome shootout video from earlier in the season. The Ducks and Sharks went scoreless in overtime – resulting in one of the best shootouts in 2017. Look at the slick dangles and dekes performed by both squads as they approached the net.

Aleksander the Great

In the same video at 0:10, Aleksander Barkov of the Panthers takes his team to victory over the Stars in an impressive shootout series. Look at the incredible stick and puck handling skills of Barkov as he fakes out the goalie and scores!

Women in Action

You don’t want to miss the penalty shootout between the Wisconsin Badgers and the Sioux Women’s Hockey Team. This video from January 2017 captures the essence of ice-hockey shootouts – with the fans cheering after each goal! Both teams are part of the Western Collegiate Hockey Association and really paved the way for an exciting year in collegiate women’s hockey.

Top NHL Shootout Goals – Compilation

As you will find on YouTube, most ice-hockey shootout videos are in compilation form. Here is an excellent collection of some of the best and sweetest shootout goals that truly made 2017 a memorable year in ice hockey. Some of the teams featured in this must-see video include the Bruins, Blues, Capitals, Flyers, Islanders and many more NHL teams.

Practice Shootout Sessions in 2017

As you know, it takes plenty of practice to master the techniques needed for successful shootout goals. From the NHL to the minor leagues, every team allocates a certain amount of time to practice penalty shots during their respective seasons. Here is a video of some great shootout practice skills that happened this past summer.

Notice the amazing fakes, dangles and dekes utilized by the shooters. Similarly, take a close look at how the goalies use a myriad of skills to stop the puck. One in particular that caught our eye was when a player lunged forward, then initiated a full body stop by one of the goals. Quite old-school but still impressive!

Capitals Victory in Ottawa

This video is from a Washington vs. Ottawa game this past October. Check out the amazing shootout skills of Alexander Ovechkin and Evgeny Kuznetsov as they led the Caps to victory. Similarly, look at the incredible goaltending skills of Braden Holtby – who also helped win this one for the Capitals!

These are some of the best shootout goals that happened in 2017. As we head into the New Year, we will continue to highlight the best in ice hockey from the NHL, minor leagues, junior leagues, women’s leagues and international tourneys and events.

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