Tic-Tac-Toe-goals are truly exciting to watch in any ice-hockey game. This play mainly involves two quick passes and a shot that results in a goal. In many ways, it’s almost like the one or two-touch scoring method in soccer. From the NHL to the minor and junior leagues, here are some of the top tic-tac-toe goals scored so far this season:

Niskanen’s Tic Tac Toe Goal

This tic-tac-toe goal is truly a thing to watch. In this game between the Capitals and Flyers, Nicklas Backstrom and Alex Ovechkin deliver strategic passes that set up Matt Niskanen to score. This was Matt’s third goal of the season — and truly a beautiful play that captures the essence of tic-tac-toe scoring.

Schenn’s Tic Tac Toe Finish

Here is another beautiful tic-tac-toe finish. This happened last month in a match between the Blues and Penguins. Jaden Schwartz and Carl Gunnarsson set up the perfect tic-tac-toe play for Brayden Schenn. Schenn scored the goal off his skate – for his first goal with the Blues. Truly an awesome spectacle!

Arvidsson’s Tic Tac Toe Goal

In a match between the Predators and Wild, Victor Arvidsson gets a nice pass in the slot to score the goal! His goal helped Nashville defeat Minnesota that night. Check out this video as Arviddson’s wrist-shot gets past Devan Dubnyk. Truly amazing!

The Sharks Tic Tac Toe Surprise

This is another impressive tic-tac-toe goal courtesy of the San Jose Sharks. In a match against the Kings, Joe Pavelski scores a tic-tac-toe goal past Jhonas Enroth. The play was beautifully set up with passes from Joe Thornton to Tomas Hertl – and then to Pavelski for the goal!

The Magic of Tic Tac Toe Goals

It takes plenty of skills to master the tic-tac-toe goal technique. This includes precise passing to teammates to set up a shot on the net. As you have seen in the videos above, there is a method to scoring these types of amazing goals. While luck and chance does play pivotal roles, it all comes down to hours of practicing and scenario-plays. Here are some more tic-tac-toe plays that you will absolutely love!




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